Wonder what 54 packets of butter have got to do with my zest for life?

LIPEDEMA COACHING - Feel YOUR zest for life!


Get to know a new way of feeling and experience vibrancy, joie-de-vivre and self-confidence

Would you like to finally feel free and experience the lightness of being even though you have lipedema?

Are you ready to leave your gilded cage, your fortress, ready to leave your protective armor that pretends to safe you from emotional vulnerability? Have you maybe resigned because all your attempts to live up to the social ideal of beauty seem to have failed?

Would you like to finally take off your emotional armor and show the world how much more you are than "just your fat arms and legs"? Instead of these gnawing feelings like self-doubt, shame, inferiority or a felt inability to do anything properly, of being a disappointment or considering yourself powerless, do you wish to enjoy the lightness of being, an increased self-esteem and emotional freedom in your life

I myself received the diagnosis of lipedema and for many years carried 54 packets of butter, that is almost 14 liters of pathological fat, with me. Not only physically, but also emotionally! And sometimes I believed that I would never feel any different. My healing path has been long and full of hurdles, but I don't want to miss a single challenge, because all of that made me who I am today.

I will support you with my many years of expertise as a systemic coach in a warm, sincere and geniune manner and profound way, authentically and focussed. My coachings let you look more into your heart, your strength and your calling for sustainable self-development. Unlock your core that´s hidden below the protective shield: this way you can go through life with greater clarity, in emotional balance, simply strengthened, by gaining access to the development of your full resource potential. Feel your zest for life with your individually tailored lipedema coaching.

Transform your problem areas in #solutionareas!

Letting go of my lipedema

Lipedema, letting go..., my dear Annabelle 🌞 With your empathic, loving and heartfelt manner you awakened my courage and my (self) confidence. (Self) sabotage prevented me from leaving my "roundabout". You have sharpened my vision with targeted impulses. And allowed me to experience the most beautiful journey to my inner child. What experience do I want to share? Do you see your exits? Do you sometimes dream of a new path? COURAGE & TRUST will make you feel so good. Don't be afraid, there are so many new and beautiful things to discover e.g. YOU 🌻 Warm regards, Manuela

I am so grateful!

You showed me how I can live the most important relationships: to me, to the world and to the people around me. Thanks to your appreciative support, I have become a better mother.

My greatest challenge was being myself

Annabelle has been part of my life since 2013. I have learned so much privately and professionally through our collaboration. I am infinitely grateful that you are in my life. Thank you for always being there whenever I needed you most. Whether for a coffee where we just chat, hypnosis sessions, WingWave in Munich, spontaneous WhatsApp remote coaching sessions ... you bring me closer and closer to myself. Bit by bit! You are so valuable to the world 😘

Pure inspiration

The coaching has given my life a new direction. I learned what my real passion is and was able to realign my life. Thank you so much for your empathic support.


Manuela Thie Lipedemafighter
Nicola Meres Happy mother
Julia Project Manager
Maria Wagner Change Manager

Natural cordiality – Authenticity – Awareness

You decide how I can support you on your way to more positivity, zest for life and your lightness of being. Together we will find the right solution for your personal situation.

Systemic Constellation Work

Seeing each other at an eye-to-eye level

Emotions are at the heart of every relationship in your life. After the important journey inside you have to get up from the meditation cushion and manifest your inner knowledge on the outside: whether at the cash register in the supermarket, at work or in your partnership.

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