30-days Lipedema-Challenge

Receive daily impulses, suggestions and small challenges on how you can increase your zest for life and feel emotionally lighter and more at ease with your lipedema. Interested? 

Sign up now - it´s for free!

Is the challenge really for free?

Yes, participation is 100% free! 

It is my vision that every person affected by lipedema can experience joy of life and be at ease with their lipedema and feel emotionally inspired and light.

In the course of the 30-day challenge you can also apply for a free strategy session with me!

After the challenge and the free advice, a certain proportion of the participants would like to be personally supported and accompanied by me as part of my coaching program, as you can of course achieve your results much faster and more safely with my accompaniment.
Nevertheless, this is not the usual sample like with other coaching providers, which still leaves you hungry without buying the offers. The impulses here also get down to business ;)

I would like to show you a natural way how you can increase your joie de vivre and feel emotionally lighter in everyday life without accepting my offers and personal coaching. Or take your life to the next level - a little closer to your dream self.


How does the challenge work in detail?

After you have registered to participate, you will receive an email with the subject "One more click...", please confirm your E-M@il address as soon as possible. Then your personal challenge will start the next day. 

The 15 lessons will be activated for you every 2nd day during the challenge and conveniently delivered to your mailbox, so that you have time to work on the impulses and let them affect you and your entire system. If you don't have time one day, you will have enough time the next day to devote yourself to the impulse. And I promise you: there are great things to be discovered by you. You need a few minutes of your time, and if you let yourself be inspired, you will experience a lot of change and transform towards better. It's all about your personal growth and development!

During the challenge you will learn basic things, methods with which you can continue to learn more about yourself in every challenging situation in the future. You will develop your resources and strengths and go on a journey to yourself.

I will show you 1: 1 processes that I also go through with my clients.


What do I need in order to be able to participate in this challenge?

Readiness and the will to welcome more joie de vivre and ease into your life. A pinch of courage and most importantly yourself. 

Take a nice journal to write down your thoughts, observations, insights and results. You will be amazed by how much change is possible in these 4 weeks.

This challenge is for you, if you would like to approach your topics and tackle your issues independently with honest and authentic self-reflection and coaching-methods (at least for those initial steps) and want to permit yourself a few steps towards your ideal self. It is exactly what I would have liked to have had on my journey to myself... 

It's about real coaching, because the success of many coaches is often based on sand or manipulative sales strategies, which is why trust in coaching itself is currently suffering a lot. We need teachers of integrity, companions and strength givers today. You don't need someone to sell you something, but a solution that wants to be exposed. 

Trust and a real relationship are very important to me in the coaching process. Salespeople may still be able to pull their counterparts over the table with pushy sales methods, which is not so tragic at the end of the day because the consultant and the client have a pure service relationship - pure interaction, no co-creation. 

A real, cocreative encounter from person to person needs trust, i.e. the fulfilled wish and the opportunity to confide in the other and to open up. Only honest coaching that is heartfelt, honest and supportive can build a conscious relationship on an equal footing. It should create trust and not reduce it. That's why I offer you this opportunity for free. 


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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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